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supplies, installs and supervise irrigation projects, greenhouses as well as dam liners to all our esteemed customers worldwide.

drip irrigation system

Drip Pipes

Drip pipes, also known as drip irrigation pipes or drip lines, are specialized irrigation systems that deliver water directly to the plant roots in a controlled and efficient manner.

Blue water tank placed on the terrace of house connected with steel pipes.

Water Tanks

Plastic water tanks are storage containers specifically designed for storing and containing water. These tanks are made from high-quality, durable plastic materials.

Filtration systems

Filtration Systems

Domestic water filtration systems are designed to improve the quality and safety of water used for household purposes. These systems remove impurities and  contaminants, 


Green Houses

A greenhouse is a controlled environment designed for optimal plant growth, typically constructed with a transparent structure made of glass or plastic.


Dam Liners & Fish Ponds

Dam liners are impermeable barriers installed within the construction of dams, reservoirs, and water containment structures.This product is commonly uses in Kenya.


Pvc Pipes and Fittings

PVC pipes, or polyvinyl chloride pipes, are versatile and widely used piping systems known for their durability, affordability, and ease of installation.

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Pressure Sprinkles

disperse water in a controlled manner over an area, typically used for irrigation purposes or fire suppression

Drip Pipes

Drip pipes, also known as drip irrigation systems or drip lines, are a type of irrigation system that delivers water directly to the plant roots in a slow and precise manner.

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